Things I learned today- 12/8/10

1. My new student that I thought was clueless has only been in America since August.  So, not clueless, just has no idea what I am saying.

2. There is a live mouse in my house.  Not in the garage, in the house.  I am NOT a fan.

3. The Jazz video camera that I ordered with school money might take the poorest quality videos I have ever seen.  Seriously, it is like watching home videos from when my dad was a kid in the 1950s.  Not good, Jazz video camera makers, not good.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned today- 12/8/10

  1. Scrappy never saw it! He was outside when Mike saw it the first time, so I let him in to see if he could sniff it out or whatever. No such luck. Mike caught it in a trap today, so it has been wandering around my house since Wednesday. Gross!!!!

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