Things I learned today- 12/14/10

1. We have a half day of school tomorrow.  Since it is Party day, I am happy about this.  We get the kids in, we party, we go home.  Nice!

2. Kirsten’s Fantasy Football team beat mine in the Fantasy Football League Playoffs.  I am a little bitter about this, as she never actually checked her lineup or changed it all season.  Also, last year I was League champ, so I am a little disappointed.

3. The new scent I bought for my Febreze flameless luminary- “Winter Frost”- smells really weird.  I got it because there was a cute snowman on the shade, but it is stinky. 

See how cute he is?  However, unless you like your house to smell like funk, I do not recommend.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned today- 12/14/10

  1. That Febreeze shade is adorable! Too bad it is funky. I got a fall scented one that was cranberry & pear, but it actually smelled good.

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