Things I learned this weekend- 12/31/10-1/2/11

This weekend, Mike and I headed up to Indy to visit his folks.  I also got to attend the Titans/Colts game Sunday night with Miriam.  It was awesome!  Here are some things I learned:

1. The Christmas puppy surprise was a success!!  Everyone loved the cute little bugger.

2. It is really difficult for an entire family to come to a consensus on a puppy name.  (Thanks to Drew for the suggestion of Cooper, which we all finally agreed upon.)

3. I can’t tell the difference between fireworks and gunshots.

4. The Lucas Oil Stadium is super nice.  I’ve never been to a stadium with a roof before.  I wasn’t cold at all!

5. I was not heckled at the Colts game while wearing my Titans gear as I had feared.  Of course, I wasn’t an annoying redneck yelling obscenities about Peyton Manning either, so that helped.

6. There is a player on the Titans whose last name is Otto.  He is from Kokomo, IN and Miriam and I think we sat by his family.  We sat by a bunch of people with Otto jerseys, and since he is a third-string offensive tackle, we figured they had to be family.


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