Things I learned today- 2/17/11

1. The new Thai Chopped Chicken salad at Panera Bread is amazingly good, and only 10 Points Plus!  I highly recommend it.

2. There is a new cupcake shop in Brentwood- Ivy Cake.  I got to meet the owner today, and she is super nice!  The store is tiny, but really cute.  I tried the Boss cupcake( kind of like Boston Cream Pie) and it was delicious!  The cake was actually better than the frosting- very rich and moist.  I promised I would go back and try their Strawberry cupcakes so I can compare them to Cupcake Collection.  Cupcake Collection is still my favorite cupcake bakery, but this place is a close second!

3. My mom had a rather traumatizing experience while subbing for me today.  A big black dog wandered up while my kids were outside at recess.  The kids freaked the freak out, especially Mariam because she is TERRIFIED of dogs.  She was screaming and grabbed on to my mom and wouldn’t let her go.  My mom thought she was going to have to carry her to get her back to the portable.  Thankfully, the dog wandered off and they all made it back to the portable safely. 

4. I lost 2.2 pounds this week!  I have no idea how because I have been eating horribly!!  I have now lost 10 pounds and made my 5% goal.  Yay!

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