Things I learned today- 3/10/11

1. My class raised the most money for the Read-a-Thon and tomorrow we get to throw pies at Dr. Comer and Mr. Wooding!  BEST NEWS EVER!!!

2. A certain gentleman needs to work on asking out girls his own age…  That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

3. This week at Weight Watchers I lost the .8 lbs I gained last week.  So, I guess that’s good.

4. My Carla got kicked off Top Chef: All Stars.  😦  I will miss you Hooty Hoo!


One thought on “Things I learned today- 3/10/11

  1. I will miss Carla’s crazy, gangly dancing. She was so awesome. I’m rooting for Antonia or Tiffany now. It’s time another girl wins!

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