Things I learned today- 5/20/11

1. I am never wearing flip-flops to school again.  A student stepped on my big toe today, resulting in a partially detached toenail and a broken toe.  Possibly the most painful thing I have ever experienced.

2. The only thing that got me through the shots to numb my toe with a mondo long needle was the thought of cupcakes.  I told myself I could have cupcakes at the new cupcake bakery in Smyrna if I was brave and didn’t hit anyone.  It hurt so bad that I made Mike buy me three cupcakes. 

3. I look super cool wearing my “fracture shoe.”  It looks something like this:

I look even more stylish than this picture, because my big toe is wrapped in about three feet of gauze.

4. The Lil Cakes bakery in Smyrna has delicious cupcakes, however they have not outranked my favorite cupcake bakery of all time- Cupcake Collection.

5. Tomorrow is the end of the world!  I can’t believe I found out at such late notice.


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