Things I learned today- 6/13/11

1. They are paving 65 right now, meaning that a normally 5 hour drive took 7 hours.  NOT FUN!

2. Also not fun, the road was full of Bonnaroo attendees returning home.  (Mike refers to them as Bonnanasties.)

3. Georgia does not like being in the car for 7 hours.

4. Cooper is HUGE!  Seriously, he is the size of a small pony.  Georgia was really scared of him at first, but actually started playing with him after a while.

5. For our 3rd anniversary dinner, Mike and I ate grilled BLT pizza, smashed potatoes, and chocolate cake from Weber Grill.  Everything was delicious!  Although, I will admit it sounds like a really odd meal.

6. The University Place Hotel and Conference Center is very fancy.  I don’t know what all those people at were talking about.

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