Things I learned today- 6/26/11

1. The story that a scientist in Japan had extracted protein from poop and used it to make meat is a hoax, people!  Which is good, since I was seriously disturbed by that story.

2. The Lingerie Football League is planning on starting a team in Nashville for the 2012 season.  I, for one, find this idea demeaning and offensive.  Women can only play football if there’s a possibility a boob might pop out?  If ladies want to play football, then let them wear uniforms and really play, not just run around in their underwear to entertain some drunk hillbillies.

2. Dogs have two elbows and two knees.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned today- 6/26/11

  1. Just tell yourself the protein out of poop thing is a hoax. 😉 And don’t eat at Taco Bell anyway just in case!

    And, I agree with the football league comment. Women’s sports are legitimate, people!! Come on now.

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