Things I learned today- 9/4/11

1. The pancakes at The Pfunky Griddle are just as delicious as I remembered them.  The service, however, was not so great.

2. It hasn’t rained in three weeks, so it would rain on the day I was trying to give Stuart and Miriam a tour of Nashville.

3. What all the signs say at Centennial Park and who all the statues are of.

4. There is a bird stuck somewhere in the train at Centennial Park.  The noise it is making is literally deafening.

5. Stuart has new, shiny, black cowboy boots.


3 thoughts on “Things I learned today- 9/4/11

  1. I also learned all five of these things. Would it be possible for you to post what you learned about the Wii’s “random” selection of player #4 (“Megan, Barbara”) without being incredibly offensive? Probably not. 🙂

  2. I actually thought about it and couldn’t figure out how to word it. “The Wii only chooses transgendered females for the random computer player.” I don’t know, is that offensive? I will always have fond thoughts of transgendered Megan, Barbara, and Helen.

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