Things I learned today- 9/9/11

1. There is something wrong with the lock on my portable door.  Specifically, it no longer wants to unlock.  This was not good news at 2:40 this afternoon, when my kids and I were trying to get back into the portable to get ready to go home.

2. Dr. Comer has the magic touch.  After two custodians and I couldn’t get the door unlocked, he hit it and it opened.

3. Mike’s folks are adopting a new puppy! She is a lab/greyhound mix.  Check out pics of Sugar soon-to-be Schlegel:

4. The movie Heartbreaker is a fun time.  I mean, the premise is stupid, but it has some fun parts.  The best part involves the dance from Dirty Dancing.  Someday I am going to learn that dance!


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