Things I learned today and yesterday- 10/18-10/19/11

1. The wireless internet is really unreliable here, making it difficult to update my blog daily.

2. What a toadfish looks like.  My dad caught one!  And immediately threw it back.  Here’s why:

3. The Sea Cow stops serving breakfast at 11:00.  We were all very sad.

4. How to ride a bike.  I know that it is really pathetic that I just learned this at the age of 29, but I have good reasons.  Mainly, those reasons involve me growing up on a really busy street and being a pansy.  I rode 1.8 miles today, and I am sore.

5. When you order steamed shrimp from The Thirsty Fish, you should specify that you want it peeled.  It took a long time to eat dinner because we had to peel each shrimp and take off its creepy little legs before we could eat it.


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