Things I learned today and yesterday- 10/20-10/21/11

I have learned so much the last two days my head is literally about to explode with knowledge.  Mike and I took a tour of Fort Sumter on Thursday and a walking tour of Charleston today.  We learned a lot.

1. It takes five men to fire one cannon.

2. There are still shells stuck in the walls of Fort Sumter from the fighting during the Civil War.

3. Fort Sumter never surrendered, and they shot a crap-load of ammo at it.

4. Abraham Lincoln was invited to Fort Sumter at the end of the Civil War to see the American flag raised over it once again.  He declined because it was thought to be too dangerous, and he had tickets to the theatre that night.  That ended up not working out so well for him.

5. If you are ever invited to Fort Sumter and the theatre on the same night, you should always choose Fort Sumter.

6. It is important to watch where you are going when you are walking in the museum at Fort Sumter.  Mike and I saw a man run into a bench and get a very bad cut on his leg. We both ran to get help.  We ran into him and his wife today in Charleston and found out he ended up needing 11 stitches!

7. My sister Heidi feels that it is acceptable to drink out of bird baths because “she was thirsty and Dad left the waters in the car.”

8. Michael Trouche’s Walking Tour of Charleston was very informative and amusing.

9. Charleston seems to be a city of disasters.  They have suffered several fires, earthquakes, and huricanes.  It is amazing that the city is still standing and has numerous historical buildings intact.

10. Tonight I had shrimp stuffed with crab and wrapped in bacon. DELICIOUS!!!


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