Things I learned today- 10/23/11

1. My Titans are now 3-3.  They played like junk.  They didn’t just get beat.  They got killed, buried, dug up, and killed again.

2. I think we should start paying Chris Johnson per rushing yard.  Then he might actually do something for a change.

3. 5 kittens have taken up residence under the hood of Miriam’s car.  They do not seem to want to leave, and she needs to drive to work in the morning.


One thought on “Things I learned today- 10/23/11

  1. Considering the results of the Colts game last night and the Titans game yesterday, maybe you’ll actually get to see a good game next weekend. Or, maybe it will turn out to be a 6-3 thriller like the Browns had yesterday.

    As far as I know, there were no kittens in the car this morning. I did not look, because I was afraid to, but my car functioned properly and I did not see any kittens fall out. So, that’s good. But I’m still really sad about it.

    Longest comment ever…

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