Things I learned today- 11/28/11

1. When you start the day with a migraine, your contacts not wanting to go in, and a nosebleed in the car on the way to school, you should probably just go home and go back to bed.  Did I mention it was raining and cold out?

2. My mom can’t sub for Joy Paul’s maternity leave until she gets her fingerprints done and passes a criminal history check.  She spent August-October doing another interim this year; I don’t know what kind of crime spree they think she’s been on since then.

3. I drove all the way to the eye doctor today to have them tell me to put electrical tape on the ends of my (Georgia chewed) glasses until I can get a new pair.  So classy…

4. I got some awesome Cyber Monday deals!!!!  That cheered me up a little.


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