Things I learned this weekend- 12/3-12/4/11

1. My neighbor Katie makes the best macaroni and cheese in the world.  She is an awesome hostess, so she provided us all with the recipe and the pasta to make it ourselves later!

2. If you are planning on getting belligerently drunk at a party, maybe you should leave your five-year old at home.  Super awkward.

3. I have now seen my neighbor belly dance.  I have managed to avoid it many times, but it was unavoidable on this occasion.  Luckily, no belly was actually showing during the dancing, so it was not that bad.

4. My reign as #1 in my Pro Pick’em League is over.  I forgot to make my picks today and will probably now be in last place. 😦

5. My Titans beat the Buffalo Bills today and are now 7-5!  I am still hanging on to my play-off hopes!


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