Things I learned over my four-day weekend

1. We have now used one snow day.  In good news, by this time last year we had used five snow days, so I guess just one is an improvement.

2. Just for kicks, I spent the four day weekend with a head cold.  Yay… At least I didn’t have to go to school or make sub plans.

3. The NFC Championship is between the NY Giants and San Francisco.  I think I am rooting for San Francisco.  They haven’t been to the Super Bowl in a long time.  The AFC Championship is between Baltimore and the Patriots.  I hate both teams with a deep and abiding hatred.  So, I don’t know who to root for.  I can’t decide who I hate least.

4. The movie “Cowboys and Aliens” was decent.  I mean, it was entertaining and it delivered on its premise.  There were cowboys and there were aliens.  What more could you want?

5. The only person I liked on Project Runway All Stars- Sweet P- got kicked off.  I’m super bummed and am not sure I am going to watch the rest of the season.  There is no Heidi, no Tim Gunn, and now no Sweet P, so why watch?

6. Who wore what to the Golden Globes and who won.  Also, apparently Madonna and Elton John have some kind of feud going on.  I wonder if he’s pissed because she has that pretend British accent and he has a real one?  I don’t know, but he was giving her a death glare during her speech for reals.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned over my four-day weekend

  1. What about April on Project Runway? I always loved her and she’s still awesome! And Mondo? And Rami? I think there will be lots of cool clothes.

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