Things I learned today- 1/30/12

1. Someone tagged my portable over the weekend.  Ah, the joys of teaching in the ghetto.

2. Sitting in a conference for an hour and a half with a mom who is determined that I hate her child and therefore has decided to hate me was not the best way to start my week.  The sad thing is, I actually really like her kid and have been working my butt off all year to modify 2nd grade work to his level.  Trying to convince her of that was pretty much like trying to talk to a brick wall.  A brick wall that doesn’t speak English.

3. I can’t stand it when parents tell me their kids don’t lie to them.  ALL KIDS LIE!!!!  I lied, you lied, your kid is not some special truth-telling specimen.  The next parent that tries to tell me their kid doesn’t lie to them is going to hear me laughing in their face.


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