Things I learned this weekend- 2/3-2/5/12

1. Squeezing cupcake batter out of a Ziploc bag is a recipe for disaster, at least if I am the one doing it.

2. Cathy, Janna, and I are the ultimate wedding team.  We should have our own show.

3. The wedding was lovely, and the cupcakes were delicious and pretty.  Cathy declared us the winners of Cupcake Wars, so I was happy.

4. Grayson was eliminated from Top Chef. 😦  I am hoping that she wins Last Chance Kitchen and comes back, as she is my favorite contestant.

5. Kroger on Super Bowl Sunday is C-R-A-Z-Y!!

6. The Coopers came to the Super Bowl party with their adorable twin girls.  I got to hold one- Cadence- and Mike held her too!  He looked so cute holding a baby!

7. The Giants won the Super Bowl!!  One of the PE teachers at work owes me $5.

8. I came in 7th place in our Pro Pick’em League.  Everyone else picked the Giants to win except for me.  Ah, well.


One thought on “Things I learned this weekend- 2/3-2/5/12

  1. Next up, March Madness!! 🙂 All in all, a successful football season…this coming from someone who’s team finished 2-14. 🙂

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