Things I learned today- 2/27/12

1. When leaving my subdivision this morning, I noticed there were lots of police cars and a helicopter circling around. I called Mike to get the scoop and found out that a woman was carjacked by Pitts Park- my favorite park from childhood- by a man who slashed her with a box cutter.  The car was discovered abandoned near the entrance to our subdivision.  Scary!!  In good news, they found the guy wandering in the woods this afternoon and he is now locked up.

2. I have the best dad.  He always reads to my class during Read Me Week.  Today, he was planning on reading them a book entitled “Crazy Hair Day,” so he showed up in a wig from one of Heidi’s Halloween costumes to make them laugh.

3. Leah Dalrymple and I wore matching pajama pants to school today.  Check out how cute we looked:

4. Apparently, tomorrow is National Pancake Day.  You can get a free short stack of pancakes at IHOP all day!  Mmmm….pancakes….

5.  I made a complete fool of myself at Kroger this evening.  I got in line and suddenly couldn’t find my purse.  I declared to everyone that I thought it had been stolen.  Mike went searching and discovered that I had left it next to the blood pressure machine.  So, checking my blood pressure leads to embarrassment.  Lesson learned.


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