Things I learned today- 3/6/12

1. My kids’ habitat projects are looking kind of awesome.  On a day when they wouldn’t shut up and drove me crazy much of the day, it was nice to see them working together and being creative.

2. Peyton Manning is going to be released from the Colts tomorrow.  I don’t know what his future plans are, but it will be very strange to see Peyton in another team’s uniform.  Even though my Titans and his former team are rivals, I am still a big Peyton fan and wish him the best.

3. Mike discovered I was still signed on to my blog on his laptop and decided to make his own post.  When I got on here tonight I was a little surprised to see, “Bad Kitty!”  posted on March 6th.  That’s all it said.  He’s so weird. (If you are wondering where Mike’s post went, I deleted it.  This is a Heather-only blog.  No random Mike postings allowed!)


One thought on “Things I learned today- 3/6/12

  1. I saw the bad kitty post before you deleted it. Made me laugh…

    As a Colts fan, it will be strange to see him somewhere else. I just hope he is safe and healthy, whatever he does!

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