Things I learned today- 3/8/12

1. A Metro maintenance man came to check and see if my roof was leaking this morning.  I told him I had never noticed a leak.  No joke, three hours later the roof started leaking.

2. The men’s team on this season of Survivor may possibly be the stupidest tribe EVER.  They won the immunity challenge and did not have to go to Tribal Council, but decided to anyway because they wanted to vote out Lief for betraying them.  But then they voted out Bill.  As the only sane guy on the tribe said, “I am bum-puzzled.”

3. I think I might dislike Colton even more than Russell Hantz.  On this episode of Survivor, he managed to call a little person two different derogatory terms (munchkin and oompa-loompa) and then showed us why all why he really wanted Bill voted off- he’s a big fat racist who hates poor people.  Why are grown men listening to him?  He acts like a spoiled child.  There are 2nd graders in my class who are more mature than he is.


One thought on “Things I learned today- 3/8/12

  1. My mom has actually decided to stop watching this season because of Colton. She said if he gets voted out, she will start watching again. It really was sickening. I don’t understand it. 😦

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