Things I learned today- 3/12/12

1. The book “The Two Bobbies” about had me in tears in front of my class today.  It’s the true story about a cat and dog that survived Hurricane Katrina.  Later, they found out the cat was blind and the dog was basically a seeing-eye dog for him.  Here is a picture of the real Bobbi and Bob Cat:

2. Bud Adams wants Peyton to come to the Titans.  I would be down with that!

3. I think I may have caught some kind of stomach virus.  I’ve spent the evening getting cozy with toast, Sprite Zero, and a trash can.  Not fun.


3 thoughts on “Things I learned today- 3/12/12

  1. If it does happen (sounds like it really might?!) best of luck to him and the Titans! We kept Reggie Wayne, so at least our new quarterback will have one wide receiver to throw to. So, there will be at least one player on the team that I recognize! 🙂

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