Things I learned today- 3/18/12

1. Georgia is not only stupid, but also suicidal.  She jumped out of the back of Mike’s truck today while it was moving!  Luckily, I was holding her leash, and she was wearing her harness so she didn’t choke to death or break her neck.  We were still in our subdivision when she made her escape attempt, so we were able to stop quickly and get her back into the truck.  I don’t think I’ve ever screamed so loud.

2. There is a reason I pay Wynette to color my hair.  I tried to do it myself today and ended up making a huge mess.  Color ended up on the sink, the floor, my sock, etc.  I had a hard time figuring out which parts of my hair had color on them and which did not.  Mike had to help me, as I started panicking that my hair was ruined.  The end result is definitely uneven.  Parts of my hair are very red, parts are still brown.  It’s not terrible, and I will live until it washes out.  Lesson learned- leave the hair color to the professionals.

3. I heard a band tonight on Lightning 100’s Sunday Night Live that I really liked.  There are from the UK- The Dunwells.  I especially enjoyed this song:


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