Things I learned this weekend:

1. Brad informed me that many kids in South Africa keep silkworms for pets.  They feed them mulberry leaves.  Apparently, you can also feed them some other kind of leaf but it will make their silk pink.

2. My kids did a great job playing with Katie and Jordan on the playground.  Jordan was the center of attention as far as the girls were concerned.  They helped him up the stairs, down the slide, and anywhere he wanted to go.  It was really cute!

3. The Holiday Inn Express in Columbus, IN is really new and fancy!  At breakfast, we sat in a booth and had our own personal tv.  Miriam and I were very impressed.

4. Miriam and I had a very successful shopping trip at Edinburgh Premium Outlets.  We both got good deals and some really cute clothes, including one matching shirt. 🙂

5. “The Help” is an excellent movie.  I laughed, I cried, and I was impressed by how closely they stuck to the book.

6. Lots of turtles live in the pond in Miriam’s apartment complex.  Their names are Fred and Tiny.


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