Things I learned this weekend:

1. The edible caterpillar recipe that I created turned out great!  It was easy and my kids enjoyed it.  In case you would like to try it, all you need is five marshmallows, five pretzel sticks, and two chocolate chips.

2. The Cool Beans Italian Bistro in Murfreesboro is a fun place to eat.  The food was yummy, the service was great, and the guy playing guitar was really good.  All in all, it was the perfect place to take Heidi for her birthday celebration!

3. I finally decided I am never going to find my phone, so I caved in and bought a new one.  It is a dumb phone, as Mike and I are against the $30 data plan you have to pay when you buy a Smart phone.  It will be so nice to have a full keyboard for texting again:

4. I have been really lazy this weekend and have not learned much.


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