Things I learned this weekend:

1. Puelo’s Grille in Murfreesboro is not a Mexican restaurant.  It has Italian food, steak, and southern food.  Kind of a weird combination, but the food was really good and the service was great!  I would definitely go back.

2. The NHL playoffs are three rounds.  A round is seven games.  The Predators are currently in the second round.

3. The Firehouse Subs in Smyrna has a super cool Coke Freestyle Machine.  I had raspberry Sprite and it was delicious!

4. I almost laid the smack down on a super annoying teenager at the movie theatre.  He thought it was really funny to laugh and make comments during the whole Hunger Games movie.  I gave him a piece of my mind on my way out of the movies, and he informed me that I wasn’t his momma.  He better be glad I’m not.

5. I finally saw “The Hunger Games” tonight with Brooke and Amanda.  It was awesome!  I thought it stayed true to the book, and I really liked Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

6. The Kentucky guys shaved their heads and still got eliminated from the Amazing Race. 😦  I don’t know who to root for next week in the finale.  Who do I hate the least?


2 thoughts on “Things I learned this weekend:

  1. This is really weird, but the honest truth. Stuart and my mom can be witnesses. We took a break from our wedding invitations on Saturday and went to Firehouse Subs. I had a raspberry Sprite. No joke! I can give you good tips on the using the Coke Freestyle. The first few times I went, I didn’t figure the ratios out quite right. But after a half dozen or so tries, I’m a pro.

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