Things I learned today- 5/3/12

1. The dad of one of my student’s has passed away.  I think it happened last week.  He has not mentioned one word of it or missed a day of school.  My heart just hurts for him.  8 years old is so young to lose a dad.

2. Today Mike was answering a call at a house and a four-year old with Down’s Syndrome answered the door.  He was worried about who was watching her, so he went into the house and found her dad passed out- stoned- on the bed.  He’s been charged with aggravated child neglect, among other drug possession and dealing charges.  The really strange thing is, it turns out Mike was given the wrong address, and the call was not from that house at all.  I think God sent Mike along at just the right time to help that little girl.  I know sometimes he gets frustrated with his job and doesn’t feel like he is really helping people, but today he did.  He kept a little girl from getting hurt or lost.  It won’t be on the news or in the papers, but I know that my husband is a hero.


One thought on “Things I learned today- 5/3/12

  1. Good job, Mike! It was no coincidence that you were at the right place at the right time. God knows what He’s doing!

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