Things I learned this weekend:

1. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is just as good upon second viewing.  If you haven’t seen it yet, rent it!  It is probably my new favorite action movie.

2. When the toilet starts to overflow, I am not good at moving quickly.  I freeze and stare at the water, which is my same response in any other emergency situation.

3. If you want to see The Avengers, you need to get there at least a half an hour early.  At least, that’s what the movie theatre lady told us.  I was all excited to see it, so it was a bummer to get there and find out it was sold out.

4. The horse, “I’ll Have Another” won the Kentucky Derby.  The odds were 15-1 on this horse.  The name comes from the owner’s answer to his wife’s nightly question, “Do you want any more cookies?”

5. Rachel and Dave won The Amazing Race 20.  They were the least annoying of the finalists, so I guess I am okay with it.  I do think they really need to work on how they speak to and treat each other.  Oh, and Brenden of Team Big Brother needs to get a new girlfriend.  He can do a lot better than the crazy he is dating right now.


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