Things I learned this weekend:

1. We had a great turn-out for our first annual Spring Fling.  Hopefully, we raised a lot of money for our PTO.

2. Fishing poles from the Dollar Tree are not very sturdy.  It is very stressful to try to hastily tape a fishing pole back together while a line of children are waiting to fish for prizes.

3. I had the best night playing poker I have ever had!  I had two full houses in a row, and I ended up in the final two.  I won $25!

4. Sometimes I just need to keep my big mouth shut.

5. My folks and I had a delicious lunch at Wholly Crepe in Franklin.  The place was really cute, and the service was great.  I definitely recommend!

6. In one of the most civil final tribal councils ever, Kim won this season of Survivor.  She did an awesome job and definitely deserved the win.  It was nice to see a final three of strong, successful women!

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