Have been slacking again…

Oops, I got a little behind on the blog again.  I haven’t been out of town or anything, I have just been being a big bum.  So, here is a quick synopsis of the things I have learned lately:

1. Let’s start with movie reviews.  I have seen a lot of movies.  First, let’s discuss the rentals.  Mike and I have rented “Drive,” “Haywire,” “This Means War”, and “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows.”  Of those movies, I do not recommend “Drive” or “Haywire.”  “Haywire” was a little better than “Drive,” but both were slow and confusing.  “Drive” also had some really disturbing gory violence.  “This Means War” was enjoyable.  It was funny and had good action scenes and romance.  Mike was against renting it, but then ended up liking it.  “Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows” was also good, although I might have to watch it again to truly understand it.

2. Next, let’s discuss theater movies.  Heid and I went to see “Brave” last week, and Mike and I saw “Men in Black III” yesterday. I enjoyed “Brave.”  I have heard it got mixed reviews, but Heidi and I had a good time.  I liked seeing a princess who had a mind of her own and enjoyed archery.  “Men in Black III” was also fun, but Mike thought it was more of a renter than a theater movie. Regardless, it was good summer fun.  Also, Josh Brolin does an amazing job as young Tommy Lee Jones.

3. I haven’t mentioned it on this blog yet, but I am having a baby!  I am currently 16 weeks and the baby is the size of an avocado.  I also read today that I might start experiencing the baby’s first kicks- called flutters- soon.  So, that will be cool.

4. Mike told me about a billboard in Bellevue that makes me laugh.  It says, “What do vegan zombies eat?”  Food for thought, people.  Literally.

5. I am a godmother!  Brad and Angela asked me to be the godmother of their new baby, Maggie.  So, now I just need to work on my skills at turning pumpkins into carriages and mice into coachmen.

6. I am enjoying the ABC Family show “Bunheads.”  It reminds me a lot of the “Gilmore Girls,” which makes me happy.  It is a fun summer show, so check it out!

7. Who the Top 20 are on So You Think You Can Dance-Season 9.  I have not picked any favorites yet, but my least favorite is Cyrus, mainly because he has those gigantic ear holes that gross me out.  Why do people do that to themselves?!


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