Things I learned this weekend:

1. Having Milo- our neighbor’s five lb yorkie poo- at our house this weekend has been very interesting.  He’s just so little!  It cracks me up when he tries to play with Georgia and Scrappy.  Check out his cute little face:

2. After watching this week’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” I have yet to pick a favorite.  I like Will’s goofy personality, but I am just not sure about a favorite dancer.  Of course, the two boys I picked as favorites last year ended up being the first two guys out, so maybe I shouldn’t pick favorites.

3. The movie “Act of Valor” was really good.  It would have been better as a theater show, as some of the action sequences were hard to follow on the small screen.  The movie features real SEALS, which I thought made it more realistic. Also, it will make you cry.  Or, it will if you are 18 weeks pregnant.

4. The baby is currently the size of a sweet potato.

5. The chocolate chunk cookies at Chik-fil-a are SOOOOO GOOD!  If you haven’t tried them yet, get one today and eat it with a big glass of milk.  Trust me on this, they are awesome!

One thought on “Things I learned this weekend:

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