Things I learned today- 7/16/12

1. Mom and I got Heidi dropped off at camp in Linden, TN.  It is way out in the boonies!  While waiting for Mom to check in Heidi’s meds, I got to observe some very interesting conversations between the other special needs campers.  My favorite was one guy, who pointed to people carrying a cooler and shouted, “BEER!”

2. The Commodore Hotel in Linden, TN has delicious chicken salad, sweet potato fries, and Black Jack pie- which is apparently pecan pie with Jack Daniels in it.  Should I be eating that while pregnant? 🙂

3. After many years of longing, I finally own a Legend of Bucksnort t-shirt as referenced in this post:

I am so excited to wear it and teach others the legend of Bucksnort!

4. Georgia was so afraid of the smoke alarm I accidentally set off, she didn’t finish her dinner.  I think that is a first.


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