Things I learned today- 7/21/12

1. The search for maternity pants has continued into Day 2.  Here’s what I now know: The Goodwill does not separate their maternity clothes from other clothes.  They are just all mixed in.  Thrift Smart does separate their maternity clothes, and I even managed to find a pair of jean capris that fit.  Walmart does not sell maternity clothes.  So, I have another pair of pants, but still no pants I can wear to work.  Tomorrow I am going to try Old Navy.  Sorry for the boringness of this update, but if you are ever searching for maternity pants, maybe this will help.

2. I finally got around to watching the season 10 premiere of Project Runway, and I learned so many new things!  First off, one of the contestants is a freegan, which means instead of buying food, he dumpster dives for it.  I didn’t know that this was a movement, I thought it was just something homeless people did out of necessity.

3. Heidi Klum loves her Snuggie too!!  She and I have so much in common.

4. Gunnar is a douche.  I can’t stand him already.

5. I really thought Ven deserved the win.  This top was seriously amazing.  He got robbed!!

6. I was okay with Beatrice getting out.  I mean, girl couldn’t sew.  Anya couldn’t sew either, but she was awesome, so we all overlooked it.


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