Things I learned in the last few days…

1. On Day 3 of the hunt for maternity pants,  I learned that Old Navy and Belk do not sell maternity clothes.  I finally broke down and went to Motherhood Maternity.  Luckily, they had capri pants on sale.  Generally, their maternity clothes cost more than I want to spend on clothes I won’t be wearing very long.

2. The Pineapple Island Breeze Slushie at Sonic is my new favorite summer treat.  It tastes like a virgin pina colada with a little extra pineapple in it.  Go try one today!

3. Milo, our visiting yorkie poo, returned to his owner, and we were all a little sad. Scrappy is especially sad, because now Georgia is focusing all her pestering on him again.

4. I returned to school on Monday to work in my room.  Honestly, it did not look as bad as I thought it would!  After two days of hard work and help from Mike, I am almost all unpacked and it is starting to look like a classroom.

5. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and halfway done cookin’ this baby!  Oh, and the baby is the size of a coconut and the length of a banana.

6. The show “Bunheads” taught me something amazing- there are 24 hour cupcake ATMs in existence.  One of these needs to come to Nashville immediately!!  Check out this video to see someone using the cupcake ATM:


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