Things I learned this week: 7/30-8/3/12

So, I started back to school this week and have been muy busy.  Hence, the lack of blogging.  I have learned so many new things during this week, and I am excited to share with all three of you!

1. My podmate, Jacee, was born without a sense of smell.  The sad thing is that this means she can’t taste food very well.   She did inform us that she has won lots of bets based on her ability to eat a variety of disgusting things.

2. The Sugarbabies Consignment sale in Smyrna is an excellent place to get maternity clothes for a good price.  I got 4 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, and a First Christmas sleep sack for $59.

3. So, we had our ultrasound anatomy scan on Tuesday and learned so many things!  First, our baby is stubborn.  He was sitting indian style, and did not want us to find out his gender.  Notice I said he- it’s a boy!!  He did move eventually.  However, he kept his little arm next to his chest, and so they weren’t able to take all the pictures of his heart that are needed.  That means we get to see him again in a month!

4. Samuel weighs 13 ounces and is the size of a carrot.  13 ounces is in the 35th percentile, so I guess he is running a little small. That’s not surprising, considering Mike and I are not very big people.

5. I had 9 parents show up for Parent Preview Night- that is the most I have ever had!  I also had a mom tell me she would like to come and help out in the mornings.  Woo woo!

6. I tried out the new cupcake place in Antioch- Blue Velvet Cupcakes.  They informed me that their Strawberry Milkshake cupcake was better than Cupcake Collection’s strawberry cupcake.  I was disappointed.  The frosting was delicious, but the cake was dry.  Nobody likes a dry cupcake.

7. I stayed up way too late watching the US Women’s Gymnastics team compete.  I must say, when they won gold, I cried like a baby.  I am just so proud of them!!  They’re so young and it’s so much pressure, but they did awesome!!!

8. The first half day of school went pretty well.  I had 17 kids show up- 9 boys and 8 girls.  There is one student you will be hearing a lot about- we’ll call him Disney because his name is one of the Disney princesses.  Disney does not want to listen or follow any directions that I give.  I think he is going to be a challenge.

9. We finished the first day of car rider duty in 45 minutes- that has to be a JE Moss record!!

10. Gabby Douglas won the gold in Women’s All-Around!  She has the best smile, and she did great!

11. I am now the proud owner of a brand-new Asus laptop!  This is the first laptop I have ever owned.  I feel like I have finally entered the 21st century.

12. My mom revisited the Sugarbabies sale on half-price day and got 10 baby outfits for $10!  Way to go Grandma!


2 thoughts on “Things I learned this week: 7/30-8/3/12

  1. This is a lot of things. I can’t even comment on all of them. But, I’m hoping this Christmas Sleep Sack is for the baby and not for you, although, quite frankly, it sounds like something you would enjoy. Second thing, I guess his name is Samuel? 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, the sleep sack is for the baby. Although, I think they should make them for grown-ups. How comfy does that sound? And yes, his name is Samuel. Samuel Chappin- the middle name was my Grandpa’s. I like it because it is a Bible name, and it has lots of nicknames- Sam, Sammy, Sammy Doo. 🙂

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