Things I learned this weekend- 8/25-8/26/12

1. The Treehouse Exhibit at Cheekwood is super cool!  Sus and I had a blast checking it out.  The theme of the treehouses was Great Works of Literature.  I took lots of pics!

This treehouse was based on the book “The Giver.”  It was our least favorite treehouse- kind of boring.  Also, the slide was for kids only.  Age discrimination!

Conch House was based on “The Lord of the Flies.”  Sus and I were both super traumatized by the book, so we weren’t big fans of the treehouse.  I mean, it was kind of cool, but the book is awful!

This one is called Up and Down Again: A Hobbit’s Tale.  I did not thing it was super hobbity, but the slide was really fast!

Ocean of Notions was based on a book by Salman Rushdie.  It was cool looking, but we did not climb around inside.

The Jolly Roger was based on the boat in “Peter Pan.”  Sus had fun goofing around on board.

Walden Treehouse was based on the cabin Thoreau lived in, and made of sustainable and responsibly harvested local materials.  It was our second favorite treehouse.

The Rainbow Fish was our favorite treehouse.  The inside was even cooler than the outside!

2. Kids do not realize that Sus and I are standing in line.  We think it is because we are taller than them, and therefore out of their line of vision.

3. Mike came home wet from work two days in a row.  On Saturday, he was caught in a surprise rainstorm on his motorcycle.  On Sunday, he chased down and tackled a suspect in a creek.  Hopefully, he will manage to make it through tomorrow dry.


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