Things I learned this weekend- 9/15-9/16/12

1. The Encore Consignment sale in Franklin is intense!  There were tons of people and lots of great stuff.  Mom got a Pack n’ Play, a nice shirt for dad, and an awesome shirt for my 80s party.  I got an umbrella stroller, a shirt for Mike, some maternity clothes, and some outfits and cute shoes for Sammy.  Oh, and I found some 80s memorabilia- My Little Ponies, a Champ Sprite stuffed animal from Rainbow Brite, and an ET doll.  All in all, it was a very successful day!

2. The Titans lost to the Chargers 10-38 and are now 0-2.  It was pretty pathetic, and I am thinking this is going to be a rough season to be a Titans fan.

3. Our quarterback, Jake Locker, was drafted by the Anaheim Angels.  I am not super impressed with him so far, but have to give him some props for being drafted by pro teams in two different sports.

4. My JE Moss Fantasy team is definitely going to lose this week.  I am down a point with no one left to play, and the other team still has two people left.  My Girl’s League team is losing as well, but I still have one more player tomorrow night.  It has not been a good day in football for me.

5. The Patriots lost!!  That cheered me up a little. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Things I learned this weekend- 9/15-9/16/12

  1. When they showed the Patriots losing on the big screen at the Colts game, the whole stadium went nuts! Nothing unites people like hating the same sports team. 🙂

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