Things I learned so far this week- 9/17-9/18/12

1. It seems that every day we are being told something different about the SAT 10 test.  The disorganization is driving me crazy!!!

2. Rainy days on Mondays really get me down.

3. Taking the Sat 10 test all morning = crazy students all afternoon.

4. More evidence of Disney’s weirdness: Today in the lunch line, he reached into the ice cream freezer, pulled out a hunk of freezer ice, and proceeded to lick it.  When I exclaimed over the grossness of this, he dropped the ice back into the freezer with all the ice cream.  I honestly have no idea what goes on in that strange little brain of his.

5. Both my fantasy teams lost this week. 😦

6. Shaun White was arrested in Nashville late Monday night for vandalism and public intoxication.  Classy.

7. About some very scandalous happenings at JE Moss.  Seriously, this is nighttime soap opera stuff at an elementary school!

8. I am now 28 weeks pregnant (7 months) and Sammy is the size of a head of iceberg lettuce.


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