Things I learned lately- 9/29-10/3/12

I have been a bit of a slacker about blogging lately, because I have been super busy!  My 80s party was this past weekend, and Miriam and Stuart came to visit and help out.  I am now officially 30, but don’t feel all that old.  Without further ado, here are the things I have been learning (Be prepared, it’s a long one):

1. If you go to the Loveless Cafe on Saturday morning, be prepared to wait a loooong time.  We waited an hour and a half, and were told that this was a slow weekend. As Stuart told the people walking in as we left, “It’s worth it!!”

2. Miriam, Stuart, and I make super cute farmers.

3. Miriam and I had a blast decorating the house all 80s.  In the future, I will buy less candy for parties with adults.  We have enough Ring Pops, Big League Chew, Pop Rocks, and Fun Dip to last us till next year.

4. I should have previewed the DVD of 80s music videos I purchased on Amazon.  The video for “Let’s Get Physical” is rather inappropriate for an audience that includes my parents.  Watch if you dare:

5. Mike and I and Miriam and Stuart make awesome 80s couples. (Mike was going for 80s cop.)

6. I have always made fun of people who wear leggings as pants.  However, I must say they are insanely comfortable.  I won’t be wearing them out in public or anything, but I am going to be wearing them around the house for the next few months, for sure.

7. The Feed Mill in Nolensville has really good chicken salad.  Also, their chocolate chip cookies are literally as big as your face, and delicious!  I highly recommend checking this fun little place out.

8. My Titans lost to Houston 14-38 and are now 1-3.  Jake Locker separated his shoulder during the game, and Hasselbeck threw two interceptions, both which turned into touchdowns for Houston.  I really wanted a win for my birthday.  Alas, it was not to be.

9. My JE Moss fantasy team finally won a game, but Miriam’s team killed me in our Girls league.  I am now tied for 1st place in the Pick’em League with Stuart’s brother. It says  I am in 2nd, but we have the same number of points, so I am saying we are tied.

10. The hubby surprised me majorly with a full-size keyboard for my birthday. (Major points for him!)  I am now planning on starting The Schlegel Family Band.  I will be on keyboard and vocals, Mike on guitar and vocals, and we are going to teach Sammy to play the egg.

11. I am waaaaay behind on tv, but I caught up a little bit last night.  First off, the Survivor premiere showed us all how there are still plenty of stupid people willing to play Survivor.  Zane, I’m talking to you.  Don’t volunteer yourself to go home at the first Tribal Council as some twisted kind of strategy!  That’s not strategy, that’s idiocy.  I also caught the premieres of Up All Night, The Office, and Parks and Recreation.  The Office is a sad shell of its former self, but Up All Night and Parks and Recreation were both delightful.  I love you, Leslie Knope!

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