Things I learned lately- 10/4-10/8/12

1. Registering for baby stuff is fun, but also kind of stressful.  There are so many kinds of bottles!!  I have no idea what kind to register for.  Any suggestions, readers?

2. Second grade used our planning day wisely, and we have our 2nd nine weeks pacing guide done.  Yay us!

3. I am still very behind on my tv watching, but I was able to catch the season premiere of “The Mindy Project.”  I am undecided, for now.  It did have some really funny parts, but also some weird parts. I will continue watching to make up my mind.  Oh, and Ven finally got kicked off “Project Runway.”  I was not sad about that.

4. US 64 from Franklin, NC to Highlands, NC is probably one of the curviest roads I have ever been on.  Mike managed to get us here safely, even while driving a pick-up with a canoe hanging out the back.  I managed not to puke, thanks to my Sea Bands.

5. The place we are staying- Fox Hunt Condos, which is part of Wyndham Sapphire Valley Resort, is super nice!  It is right on a 3-acre lake with a gorgeous view from the balcony and a nice dock for the canoe.  The condo itself is recently remodeled with a giant stone fireplace.  It is definitely nicer than the place we stayed on Edisto Island last Fall Break.

6. The wood-fired pizza at the Sapphire Valley Brewing Company is delicious.  It helped to ease the pain of the 7-30 Titans loss we went there to watch.

7. The team I was really rooting for on The Amazing Race got out the second leg. 😦  The girl on the team was awesome- she lost her spleen, kidneys, hearing in her left ear, and both legs below the knee to bacterial meningitis when she was 19.   She is now the number one adaptive women’s snowboarder, with three back-to-back world cups.  I have never snowboarded, but it looks really hard. Super props to her, wish she and her fella could have stuck around longer.

8. It was cold and rainy out today, so we did some indoor activities.  At the recreation center, we learned that Mike is much better than me at air hockey and basketball shooting.  I am better at skee ball, and we are evenly bad at ping-pong.

9. Inventiveness thy name is Ludeman/Schlegel.  This evening we used cooking oil as an accelerant to start a fire in our fireplace.  We then used two band-aids to connect two long fireplace matches in order to have a stick to roast marshmallows on.  The result was some delicious s’mores.  🙂


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