Things I learned today- 10/9/12

1. We went on a waterfall tour today- there are a ton of waterfalls around here!  These are some things I learned:

  • Narrow Falls was pretty, but really hard to see and get a good picture of.

  • Cashiers Sliding Rock is difficult to find, and not all that impressive.  It does sound like a fun place to swim and slide when it is warmer, but not so much in the fall.  We were also told that it was in “The Hunger Games,” but I was unable to find any research to back up this claim.

  • While searching for Cashiers Sliding Rock, we stumbled upon the Smallest US Post Office from 1903-1953.  It is basically the size of a closet.

  • The prettiest waterfall we saw today was Silver Run Falls.  It was also cool how close you could get to this waterfall.

2. I also learned a few more things- both my fantasy teams lost this week.  Major bummer.  My JE Moss team lost by only one point, while my Girls league team was listed as this week’s biggest blow-out.  Doh!  In our Pick ‘Em league, I have officially fallen to 2nd place behind Miriam’s dad- who had a bit of a miraculous week.

3. I taught the family how to play Phase 10 and they all proceeded to beat me.  Apparently, I am an excellent teacher. 🙂

4. I am now 31 weeks pregnant and Sammy is the size of a bunch of bok choy.  Honestly, no idea.

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