Things I learned the last two days- 10/10-10/11/12

1. Mom and I watched the season premiere of “Nashville.”  It was pretty cool to see scenes from Nashville on a tv show!  I think I am going to keep watching, as the show fulfills a certain soap opera element that is missing in my life.

2. Mike, Mom, and I took our second trip to the Biltmore today.  We paid the extra money for the audio tour, and I highly recomend it.  I think I learned a lot more and noticed more things on this trip.  The coolest thing we saw were the gardens.  It was much too cold to visit them last time, but they are beautiful!  I was worried everything would be dead since it is fall, but there were gorgeous mums and roses.

3. We also took our second trip to the Tupelo Honey Cafe today, but this time with Mom, Dad, and Heidi along.  The biscuits and crack were just as good as I remembered.  We all ended up taking food home because of the generous portions.  I got a to-go piece of Brown Butter Pecan Pie with Vanilla Bean and Caramel Sauce.  YUM!!!!  It is definitely being added to my list of favorite Tupelo Honey Cafe foods.  I am so jealous of the people in Knoxville whose Tupelo Honey Cafe is opening on October 15th.  Run, don’t walk, to the opening!!!

4. The Vanderbilts that built the Biltmore are related to the Vanderbilts that the University is named after.  Cornelius Vanderbilt was the grandfather of George Vanderbilt, who built the Biltmore.  Cornelius Vanderbilt, nicknamed the Commodore, donated $1 million dollars to Central University which later became Vanderbilt University.



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