Things I have learned lately: 10/13-10/17/12

1. Driving on US 64 in daylight, it is still ridiculously curvy but gorgeous!  There are tons of mountain views with the changing leaves and two more waterfalls.  We actually drove right by Bridal Veil Falls on our way to vacation, but it was too dark to see. Here is a pic of Mike driving the truck underneath it:

My new favorite waterfall was also off 64- Dry Falls.  It is just beautiful, and you can walk behind it without getting wet- hence the name.  (You do get a little misty.)

I didn’t take any pics while walking behind the falls, because I was afraid my camera would get wet.  I found this pic online:

2. When we arrived home, Georgia looked like she had gained about 5 lbs while we were gone. I’m pretty sure she has been eating her food and all of Scrappy’s food as well.  She has now been placed on food restrictions.

3. I had an awesome football week!  Both my fantasy teams won, and I reclaimed my first place spot in our Pick ‘Em league. Of course, my fantasy teams are both 3-3, which isn’t that great.  Ah, well.

4. I finally ordered Sammy’s crib and changing table, so he will have a place to sleep.  And get his diaper changed.  Yay!

5. I have been watching a LOT of tv because I am so behind.  Survivor- I am actually starting to feel sorry for the team that keeps losing.  Project Runway- The baby challenge made me laugh.  Seeing the designers try to take care of those babies was amusing.  Also, I think I might need to rent one of them to practice before Sammy gets here.  I was not sad to see Elena go home, although she has grown on me. I also watched the make-up challenge.  I was okay with Sonji not getting in the finale.  She has been full of drama lately, and I didn’t like her final dress.  Parks and Recreation- I love loved Leslie getting half a perm.  Also, Ron Swanson in princess make-up was awesome.


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