Things I learned lately- 10/24-10/29/12

1. Aesop was actually a slave who wrote more than 600 fables.  (This fact provided by Lindsey, my student teacher.  We are learning about fables this week.)

2. I watched a lot of tv Friday night, although I am still way behind.  Here’s my tv update: Survivor- I can’t believe that poor Matsing tribe has lost four times in a row.  That’s just sad. I am happy they voted out Russell, he was kind of wackadoo.  Amazing Race- I was pretty happy team Tall Guy/Short Guy beat the blondes to the mat.  Their voices made my ears hurt.

3. Making popcorn balls is not easy, despite the deceptively simple recipe I used.  Trying to form hot, sticky, gooey, marshmallow-covered popcorn into balls is pretty much impossible.  They were more like popcorn mounds that stuck to people’s hands when they tried to eat them.  They did taste delicious!!

4. My Homer Simpson costume was awesome, if I do say so myself.  I still did not win, as all prizes went to couple costumes.  I blame Mike and his refusal to dress up as Marge.

5. Working the cakewalk at WOC’s hoedown is super fun!!  Also, I have never seen so much cake in one place at one time.  It was like heaven, if you happen to like cake as much as I do.  Fun fact: When you work the cakewalk, they let you pick out a cake and take it home!!

6. My Titans lost yesterday to the Colts in overtime. They are now 3-5. 😦  I am also sucking it up in last place in the Pick’Em League this week. In better news, both of my fantasy teams are winning!

7. Tonight we had our first ever fire in our fireplace.  We ate a very romantic dinner of chicken tenders and tater tots by firelight.


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