Things I learned the last two days- 11/7-11/8/12

1. It looks like we will be getting another four years of Barack Obama.  I really can’t complain, as I didn’t even vote.  I know, I am a terrible citizen.  It’s just hard for me to care when I have little to no enthusiasm for either candidate.  Frankly, I’m glad the election’s over so I don’t have to hear about it anymore.

2. The G Clan Small Group has some pretty awesome cooks.  We had Thanksgiving dinner last night, and Mike and I both ate waaaay too much food.  Everything was delicious, but my favorites were Stacy’s cornbread stuffing, Brandy’s pumpkin cake, and Lana’s pecan tarts.  Mmmmmmm…………..

3. My inner middle school self is geeking out at the news that Disney is planning a “Boy Meets World” sequel.  It will apparently focus on Topanga and Corey’s teenage daughter, with Corey following in Mr. Feeny’s footsteps as a 7th grade history teacher at her school.  It will probably be terrible…but I’m still excited!!!

4. The movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” was pretty funny and even touching.  Maybe I’m just hopped up on pregnancy hormones, but I really liked it.  Best part: Elizabeth Banks’ character’s speech on what it is really like to be pregnant.  “Pregnancy sucks.  Making a human being is really hard.”  True dat people!!

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