Things I learned this weekend- 11/9-11/11/12

1. Mom and I spent most of Saturday organizing the nursery and washing baby blankets, clothes, towels, wash cloths, burp cloths, etc.  Sammy has a lot of clothes!  I am feeling better about actually being ready for this baby, so that’s good.

2. My Titans spanked the Dolphins today 37-3.  It was way more fun to watch than last week!

3. One of the Miami Dolphins players has the last name Incognito.  Coolest last name ever!  If that was my last name, I totally would have become a spy.  Or a female rapper.

4. I put together Sammy’s stroller today and practiced getting it into and out of the trunk.  It is not going to be easy, but it is possible.  Stupid extra-small Cobalt trunk!

5. In fantasy football news, my JE Moss team won by two points- woo!  However, I am pretty sure my Girls league team is going to lose, unless my one remaining player- Mike Wallace- makes about 30 points Monday night.  I am currently in 1st place in our Pro Pick’em league for the week, so maybe I will be reclaiming my first place standing overall.

6. I have been watching a lot of tv in hopes of getting caught up.  Survivor- I wanted them to vote out Penner, basically because I’ve never liked him, and I thought his idea about giving up all their team’s rice was idiotic.  I really enjoyed the Halloween “Modern Family” and “Up All Night” episodes.  I love Halloween tv.

7. It is one month until my due date.  Yikes!!!!


2 thoughts on “Things I learned this weekend- 11/9-11/11/12

  1. One month – yikes!! When you have your baby and aren’t working, maybe I can start calling you on my lunch hour. After you are all settled in, that is. That will give you adult conversation during the day. 🙂

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