Things I learned this weekend: 11/16-11/18/12

1. I enjoyed “The Amazing Spider-Man” just as much upon the second viewing.  I will be adding it to my Christmas list.

2. Attending a wine party when 36 weeks pregnant is kind of a bummer.  The food was really good though!

3. My dad and Mike put together Sammy’s crib today.  It is starting to look like a real nursery!

4. In good football news, the Titans had a bye this week, so they didn’t lose!  In sad football news, both my fantasy teams are losing…

5. TV update: I am still two weeks behind on all my shows, but I tried to catch up this weekend.  Survivor- Stupid Penner got saved from the vote again.  I felt sorry for RC, I don’t really think she’s done anything to deserve getting voted out.  Modern Family- Gloria’s ventriloquist act was pretty hilarious- and this is coming from someone who hates puppets in all forms.  Top Chef- I watched the first episode.  I don’t really have a grasp of who’s who or who I like yet, but I did find it interesting that two of the wannabe contestants had weird, old-time villain mustaches.  Only one of them made it through.  There is only room for one weird mustache on Top Chef!


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