Things I learned the last few days- 11/19-11/21/12

1. Several things I didn’t know about caring for a newborn, thanks to a video we watched in Centering.  The video did make me excited about Sammy actually being here. I think I have been focusing too much on the delivery part lately, which is not going to be much fun.

2. What to pack in my “Going to the Hospital” bag

3. The doc thinks Sammy is weighing in at about 7.5 lbs- after all this talk about him being too small!

4. The roofs of UPS trucks are painted white.  Apparently, it helps to keep the trucks cooler.  (This fact provided by my husband, who knows lots of random things.)

5. Mike and I saw “Skyfall” Tuesday night.  It was Awesome!  I definitely recommend, and it might even be my new favorite Bond.

6. We now have a car seat and a crib mattress for Sammy.  So, they will let us take him home from the hospital, and he will have a place to sleep.

7. Celebrating Thanksgiving a day early means no football to watch, but the food was delicious!


3 thoughts on “Things I learned the last few days- 11/19-11/21/12

  1. The roofs of UPS trucks are actually not painted at all – they stop painting the brown once they get up over the edge of the top of the truck. I learned this when I worked downtown and we would see the tops of the trucks from the 11th floor! And, from what I’ve heard, it is just because they’re cheap. But, I’ll get off my soap box…I do know a thing or two about cold chain logistics. And, UPS is far inferior to FedEx when it comes to it…wait…maybe they’re so bad at it because they think not painting the top of the truck makes it cooler!! I’ll have to float this theory by Stuart tonight. 🙂

  2. Follow-up…it does say online that the roofs are white to keep things cooler, but I’m sticking with their cheap and it’s a marketing ploy. 😉

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