Things I learned the last two days- 11/30-12/1/12

1. The South Parking Garage at Vanderbilt is a hell hole of a labyrinth from which there was almost no escape.  I paid attention to where I parked- 2F- but apparently 2F existed in four different places.  I can’t tell you how long I looked for my car, but I can tell you I almost cried.  It was very similar to that episode of “Seinfeld” in which they are looking for the car while carrying an air conditioner, and Jerry and George get arrested for public urination.  I also had to pee very badly, but did not pop-a-squat in the garage.  To the Vanderbilt workers who whizzed by me in their golf carts multiple times: You saw me walking pitifully with my giant pregnant belly, and none of you stopped to help me.  Shame on you!!!!

2. I got to meet Mike for lunch on Friday, which never happens.  I like how nice people treat you when you are eating lunch with a cop in uniform.  Also, I offered to pay and Mike’s food was half price.  Score!

3. The chocolate eclairs from The Donut Den in Green Hills are muy delicioso.

Donut Den

4. Mike installed Sammy’s car seat into the Cobalt.  It is pretty much all that will fit in the back seat now.  Seriously, the thing is huge.

5. I had my 4th and final shower today, and it was super fun!  My neighbors, Katie and Jen, did an awesome job of decorating and fixing yummy food.  They are both so creative!  My favorite part was definitely the bath toys swimming around in the punch and the “Decorate Your Own Mini-Cake” Station.  So cute! 🙂

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