Things I learned the last two days- 12/5-12/6/12

1. Collecting pee in a jug gets old fast.  Also, I pee a lot.

2. I caught up on some tv while hanging out at home yesterday.  Survivor- so bummed that stupid Abi got to stay around another week.  She is so annoying, and seeing her play the martyr is just obnoxious.  I was fine with Penner going home, as he reverted to his jerky self to remind me why I have not liked him in the past.  Nashville- Why is it that whenever anyone is doing something shady, they are down by the river with the pedestrian bridge in the background?  They are going to give the pedestrian bridge a bad name, and it is my second favorite place in Nashville!

Shelby Street Bridge3. The Big Kid Grilled Cheese at Panera is yummy in my tummy.  I highly recommend.  It has three kinds of cheese and bacon.  I mean, how can you go wrong with cheese and bacon?

4. I do not recommend watching the movie “Lawless.”  It was gory, violent, and depressing- in my personal opinion.  “Arthur Christmas” on the other hand, was a delightful holiday romp.  I recommend watching it while wrapping presents or doing something else Christmasy.

5. This could be my last post for a while.  I have too much protein in my urine, which is a symptom of preeclampsia.  Because of this, I am getting induced tomorrow at 7:30 AM.  So, hopefully Sammy will be arriving tomorrow!!  Sorry if I get behind on blogging after he arrives.  I promise to remember everything I have learned and share it with you, my three loyal readers.  Say prayers that everything goes well!


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